Hard Water is called that for a reason! We can make it BETTER!

March 11, 2019 | Posted in Home Efficiency

Hard water is our standard in the Calgary area!  But what is that Hard water hard at working doing to your home and your life?

  • Hard water stains show up at your faucets leaving mineral stains behind over time. 
  • Hard water can coat the insides of plumbing pipes constricting the opening and decreasing the life performance of the system. 
  • Hard water affects your Humidifier filter in a Big Way each winter season. 
  • Hard water is hard on laundry leaving whites dull looking over time. 
  • Hard water mineral stains are difficult to clean and maintain
  • Hard water is hard on your water appliances
  • Hard water affects the performance of your Hot Water Tank and Tankless Systems
  • Hard water costs you more for both shampoo and detergents

We make it BETTER by installing a High Efficiency Water Softener unit by AQUAMASTER PRO!

High efficiency water softeners use less salt and energy!  Less detergents, less shampoo and soaps.  Overall improvement and elimination of all the above listed concerns.

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